Robots on Parade

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Robots on Parade

Segway, known for its Human Transporter, is also seeking work from the government. Its RMP (Robotic Military Platform) 200, which uses the same drive system as the Human Transporter, can conduct reconnaissance, act as a mobile sentry or even carry supplie

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Robots on Parade - Segway RMP 400

Segways RMP system, in this case the RMP 400 with four wheels, can also be integrated into other products, such as this bot created by Applied Perception, a spin-off from Carnegie Mellons Robotics program.

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Robots on Parade - iRobot PackBot EOD

The PackBot EOD, manufactured by iRobot in Burlington, Mass., is capable of moving at up to 8 miles per hour, while transmitting video images back to its handlers. Its chassis can take an impact of 300Gs, a company representative said.

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Robots on Parade - PackBot EOD control interface

PackBot EODs control interface uses a graphical user interface and a system of buttons and dials to control the bot via radio frequency or fiber optic cables.

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Robots on Parade - HanulKid HR2

HanulKids HR2 robot, which costs about $2,000, is designed to help teach high school and college students how to assemble and program a robot using a series of sensors, circuit boards and a software development kit based on Linux. (for HR2 photo)

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Robots on Parade - Skeyes Unlimited UAV

Pittsburgh-based Skeyes Unlimiteds unmanned aerial vehicle offers real-time aerial mapping or surveillance using a hardware module that combines laser and optical imaging.

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Robots on Parade - Aethon Tug

Aethon, of Pittsburgh, offers the aptly named Tug robot. The company says its bot, designed for health care facilities, can haul up to 500 pounds in specially designed carts (not shown)to a given destination, while navigating around objects or people usin

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Robots on Parade - Izir Robotics\ Soccer Robots

Robots can play sports. Izir Roboticss Soccer Robots can participate in a soccer match versus a rival team. The South Korea-based company offers two different sets of the bots--one for younger players and another for college students or adults--and combi

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Robots on Parade - Honeywell UAV

Honeywells small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), a robotic machine thats capable of transmitting video, can offer soldiers on the ground important data about their surroundings, for example.

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Robots on Parade - Robomotio Azimut

Robomotios Azimut, which can move and record images from any direction, is one example of a customized robot the Quebec-based company says it can design for customers interested in applications such as surveillance or environmental testing.

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Robots on Parade - Evolution Robotics

Evolution Robotics, of Pasadena, Calif., is embarking on a program to offer specialized hardware/software modules as building blocks for robot makers. Using its approach, the manufacturers wont have to design their own vision hardware or software. Instea

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Robots on Parade - Valde Systems robotic camera

Several companies attending RoboBusiness 2006 are offering robotic piece parts, which other companies can use in their systems. Valde Systems, of Brookline, N.H., for one, is offering robotic vision systems, which use a pair of cameras to give bots stereo

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