Rugged Tablets Are Ready for a Swim

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Rugged Tablets Are Ready for a Swim

The tabled is designed according to international technical standards to escape damage when submerged in water. The Xplore tablets can withstand water, ice, blood, oil and other liquids. These features come in handy for first responders to natural disasters such as flood and storms or military personnel who have to work with computers in all possible field conditions.

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Able to Survive a Spill

The Xplore Xtreme tablets can definitely survive getting splashed with liquids as shown in this still image from an Xplore "Technology Tapout" video, whether it's a coffee in office or blood in an ambulance or hospital emergency room.

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Wireless Access into Remote Areas

The Xtreme tablets feature a high-performance WLAN antenna as well as support for 4G, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth. "We've tuned the antennas to give you better wireless access performance because today people want more Internet access in remote locations, Holleran said.

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Tool-Less Fixes for Tense Situations

The Xplore tablet allows emergency workers or soldiers to swap out components such as the removable dual SSD (solid state drive) module without using a tool.

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Xplore iX104C5 M Xtreme Military Tablet

The Xtreme Military Tablet has been tested for military-grade security applications and comes with a special dock that withstands heavy shaking and vibrations.

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Xplore Tablets Rely on Windows 7

Xplore rugged tablets run Windows 7 and are compatible with other components or applications on that platform. "It will integrate with anything running Windows 7 or XP," Holleran said.

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Rugged and Ready for Falls

A contoured bumper protects the tablets against shocks in military action and falls onto hard floors in manufacturing plants or warehouses.

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Xtreme Tablets Can Handle a Drop Shot

The tablets can withstand drops from 7 feet to plywood over concrete and from 4 feet to concrete.

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Tool-Less Access to Components

Xplore provides tool-less access to SIM and microSD ports, making repairs simple for first responders or soldiers in the field.

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Intel Core i7 CPU

With the power of Intel's Core i7 processor, the Xplore Xtreme tablet is an "iPad on steroids," says Xplore CEO Phillip Sassower. The processing muscle allows the tablets to handle work in demanding enterprise environments.

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Motion Computing CL900 Tablet PC

Competitors in the rugged tablet PC space include Motion Computing's ultralight 2.1-pound CL900 model, which doctors can readily carry around from room to room in a hospital and input patient records using touch or stylus.

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