SAS to Add to Analytical CRM Arsenal

New offering will analyze customer interactions in real-time to improve personalization.

SAS Institute Inc. has announced plans to add a new product to its analytical CRM arsenal, one that would analyze customer interactions in real-time to improve personalization.

The new product, SAS Interaction Management, will apply real-time analysis to all inbound and outbound customer interactions to enable more effective multi-channel dialogues with customers, SAS officials said.

While such technology is hardly new in the customer relationship management space, officials said SAS Interaction Management would go beyond current offerings by combining analysis of customer behavioral data with analysis of other factors, such as stock feeds, network downtime, even unstructured data.

SAS officials, in Cary, N.C., said Interaction Management would make the best recommendations on how to market to customers using a sophisticated set of assessment techniques, rather than just analyzing historical customer behavior. Users will be able to intervene much earlier in the customer lifecycle than other products allow, officials said.

SAS is expected to detail more information about product features later this fall, and the software is expected to be released about the middle of next year.

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