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A jazz ensemble welcomed attendees to the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Associations annual SEMICON West expo in San Francisco. Booths filled the floor

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SEMICON 2006 - Don\t Eat the Fish

In the Kurt Lesker booth, an aquarium featured a working television showing replays from the recent World Cup soccer competition. Of course, its not water. Instead, the tank is filled with perfluoropolyether, a liquid used in vacuum pumps.

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SEMICON 2006 - SEMICON Means Fun!

A section of the lobby in Moscone West had a banner saying SEMICON West Beer Hall2: Willkommen! This Oktoberfest-style drinking opportunity off of the show floor aimed to provide attendees with quick networking opportunities (it was also Wi-

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SEMICON 2006 - Device Bytes and Pieces

The Portelligent booth showed digital cameras, cell phones and music players all broken out into pieces. Or in this case, a RIM Blackberry. Each subassembly was also taken apart so that viewers could see the tiny stuff that goes into making still tiny ass

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SEMICON 2006 - The Center of the Chip Universe

This years show is packed with attendees, checking out the tools and solutions, sizing up the competition and looking for deals. Theres little wasted space on the show floor, even in the backwater spots, the side halls off of the main floo

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SEMICON 2006 - SEMICON West Sights and Sounds

Unlike a software show or computer expo, SEMICON is aimed at manufacturing, so many booths are filled with parts and assemblies and strange machines with blinking lights. There are many large and small machines that have impressive robotics and pipes. One

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