Setting the Stage

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Setting the Stage

Microsoft officials get ready for the TechEd 2011 keynote.

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Robert Wahbe

Robert Wahbe, corporate vice president of Microsofts server and tools marketing group, delivers the keynote speech at TechEd North America 2011 May 16 in Atlanta.

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A silhouette of Robert Wahbe at TechEd.

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Facts and Figures

Wahbe lets attendees know they are not alone at TechEd 2011.

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Cloud and Devices

Wahbe succinctly says what this years TechEd would be all about.

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Servers and Virtualization

Interest in servers—and virtualized servers, in particular—continues to grow, according to Wahbe.

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What the Cloud Delivers

Microsoft gives attendees a list of what they can expect through cloud computing.

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Public and Private Cloud

Microsoft gives businesses options for both the private and public cloud.

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Cloud Scenarios

Depending on the need, there are any number of applications that can take advantage of the cloud, according to Microsoft.

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-Concero' demo

Joey Snow, a Microsoft technical evangelist, demonstrated new System Center technology. The demonstration showed how to manage across public and private clouds using System Centers Concero technology.

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Devices, Devices, Devices

As Microsoft showed, the proliferation of devices continues unabated.

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Application Virtualization

Microsoft gave users an outline of its desktop virtualization strategy.

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Jason Zander

Jason Zander, corporate vice president of Visual Studio, presents the keynote address at TechEd North America 2011.

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Full Spectrum

Microsoft officials said that Visual Studio enables developers to build apps for the full spectrum of computers and devices.

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Extend Applications

Visual Studio also lets developers extend applications from the phone to the cloud, and vice versa.

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Microsoft introduces Visual Studio vNext, the next version of Visual Studio.

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Microsoft officials outline their guiding principles for ALM.

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The Glitch Mob plays exit music on touch-screen tablet devices.

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Women in Technology

During the show, Microsoft sponsored a Women in Technology panel. After the panel discussion, people had the chance to do some networking.

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Augusto Valdez

Augusto Valdez, senior product manager at Microsoft, demonstrates the next version of Windows Phone 7, codenamed Mango.

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Collating Feedback

The stakeholder feedback tool in Visual Studio vNext records feedback online and allows the user to directly interact with the site while recording rich and actionable data—such as action scripts, annotations, screenshots and audio—for the team in the background.

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Code Review In Action

Visual Studio vNext includes integrated code review support that allows team members to provide feedback on new code, lifting the shared knowledge of the team. If desired, code reviews can be set as a quality gate in the development process.

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Work Item Management

Microsoft has overhauled the Web experience for Team Foundation Server and leveraged touch controls where applicable for natural interaction.

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The Development Team

Having established that the issue is at the application layer, the administrator sends the issue to the development team through the integrated connection with Team Foundation Server.

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Lync Mobile

Lync Mobile for Windows Phone will be a free download from Windows Phone Marketplace.

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