Seven Things To Keep In Mind About Longhorn

Opinion: Here are our humble suggestions for making sense of the most hyped OS since Windows 95.

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As the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) countdown clock ticks down — at this writing, were 19 days, 14 hours and 36 minutes away from the Longhorn stampede, according to one enthusiasts Web site — its a good time to start separating Longhorn fact from fiction.

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This feat is a lot harder than it seems, as the next version of Windows already has taken on mythic proportions, surpassing even that of Windows 95, despite the fact that the first "official" technical-preview build isnt even out yet, and the final code isnt expected until 2005+. When an operating system (at least at this point) is set to include an estimated 700 new features, according to one Microsoft insider, theres bound to be trouble in discerning whats the kitchen sink vs. real, quantifiable new components.

One of my colleagues joked that a laundry list of things to know about Longhorn would be simple to compile: 1. Its late; 2. Its later than you think; 3. Its even later than that.

Rather than take the easy way out, why not help folks get a better handle on exactly what Longhorn is/isnt, especially as the PDC hype-o-meter really gets in gear?

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