Someday, Youll Own a Tablet PC

Opinion: With tablet support likely becoming a standard part of the Longhorn OS, every Windows-based business notebook will double as a Tablet PC.

Theres been a lot of talk around about the future of the Tablet PC, so Ive decided to add my two cents worth. My prediction? Someday every business notebook that uses a Microsoft operating system will be a Tablet PC. And most of them will even have tablet features!

Whether you will use your future notebook as a tablet—even whether it will be possible to do so with your machine—will depend on what you buy and how you choose to use it. But make no mistake: Tablet "goodness" will be baked right in, whether your screen has a digitizer or not. Why? Because its very likely that tablet support will be a standard part of the Longhorn OS.

And as we move toward Longhorn, Microsoft is investing a lot of money in hardware technology to persuade notebook manufacturers to make tablet features a standard part of their notebooks. Microsofts goal is to push the marketplace rather than wait for evolution to popularize tablet technology.

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Redmond wants tablet technology to work well enough and be inexpensive enough that customers wont give a second thought to buying a Tablet PC. Even the special name will go away as todays Tablet PC morphs into being "just" the notebooks we all buy.

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