Speed Rules for Coveo in Enterprise Search

Coveo adds a number of features to its search platform to keep customers from the likes of Google, Autonomy and Fast.

Coveo Solutions has become the latest company to upgrade its enterprise search, launching a platform with distributed indexing and tighter integration with Microsofts SharePoint collaboration suite, among other perks.

Speedier searching is the key upgrade to Coveo Enterprise Search 5.0. The software uses index "mirrors" to synchronize data located in various geographic locations into one batch of index results. This reduces network loads created by traditional indexing methods by up to 40 percent, said Dan Bauhaus, Coveos director of technical sales.

In addition, users can refine search queries by selecting sets of data to include or exclude document formats, dates, languages, authors and other such identifiers from search results.

Such features are important for enterprise search platforms, a market in which Coveo—which has about 600 customers, including Hewlett-Packard, CA and Lockheed Martin—has been competing with Fast Search & Transfer, Autonomy, Endeca, Vivisimo, Google and others since spinning off from Copernic in 2004.


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Enterprise search is not as large a market as its consumer-oriented brethren, but it is still a multibillion-dollar segment. The room for growth is great for vendors that play the right angles and help their customers meet their data volume expansion.

Bauhaus said Coveo hews well to Microsofts SharePoint suite, providing improved navigation, live indexing and quick views of search results for the collaboration suite.

CES 5.0 also now includes a media player for Microsoft Silverlight and employs speech recognition technology to improve audio-video search for Webinars and podcasts.

Coveos new Query Ranking Expressions allows searchers to customize the rank of search results, enabling data to have a lesser or greater relevance in search.

Bauhaus said Coveo is offering more free connectors that enable businesses to index content from Salesforce.com, Microsoft Exchange, Documentum and Symantec Enterprise Vault.


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CES 5.0 also now connects through an API (application programming interface) to Google OneBox for Enterprise, to obtain federated query results from content in SAP, Cognos and Business Objects applications.

But what sets Coveo apart from the competition, according to Bauhaus, is that the Palo Alto, Calif., companys philosophy has been to put everything in the product and not to "nickel and dime the customer for modules or services."


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