Storage Web Digest: IBM Preps Shark Upgrades

IBM Preps Shark Upgrades ... iQstor Ships SAN System for SMBs ... I/OMagic Intros New Combination Optical and Media Drive Box ... Gartner: HBA Market Stalling?

Enterprise Storage

IBM Preps Shark Upgrades

IBM this week announced several upcoming enhancements to its flagship storage array, the Enterprise Storage Server Model 800, including long-distance data mirroring or peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC) without the use of snapshots, an additional 6.9TB of standby capacity and a new version of its FlashCopy software. The company also cut the convenience charge for additional standby capacity from 25 percent to 10 percent. According to Jim Tuckwell, marketing manager for IBMs Enterprise Storage Systems division, the standby capacity feature was popular with the previous Shark model.

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iQstor Ships SAN System for SMBs

IQstor this week shipped a Fibre Channel-based storage area network system that the company is aiming at small- and mid-sized businesses looking to jump into enterprise-style storage technology. The iQ1000 Storage System can accommodate 15 drives and features dual-active SP100 storage processors and integrated RAID protection. The system price starts at $25,200.

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Personal Storage

I/OMagic Intros New Combination Optical and Media Drive Box

I/OMagic Corp. this week launched its new $199.99 MediaStation Combo device in the retail channel though Target stores. The MediaStation Combo is a multifunction 48x24x48 external USB 2.0 CD-RW and 16x DVD-ROM drive as well as a media reader for seven different media formats. Features include a proprietary design with a three-way adjustable lighting system. The MediaStation Combo supports Windows XP, 2000, Me and 98 SE Plug n Play compatible. MSRP is $199.99.

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Storage Business

Gartner: HBA Market Stalling?

A new Gartner study covering SAN component market share for 2002 revealed that the Fibre Channel HBA (host bus adapter) market grew by only 1 percent last year, to $570 million. Over the past week, both Emulex and QLogic highlighted portions of the Gartner report that showed them in the most favorable light. Emulex said that it strengthened its position as market leader by 8 percent during 2002, accounting for 48 percent of overall HBA market revenue. Meanwhile, QLogic said that it increased its HBA market share by about 10 percent, jumping to a 31.7 percent. Gartner hasnt publicly forecast what it expects this years numbers to look like, but, pointing to Emulex and QLogics recent results, report author James Opfer said its safe to assume that the market will grow more than 1 percent. "Its hard to argue that the market didnt grow in the first quarter," he said. "This year they already had so much of the share that they cant grow without growing the rest of the market."

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