Study Shows Companies Clamoring to Go Green - 1

A survey of 1,000 companies worldwide underscores what many solution providers are already slowly discovering: Green IT initiatives can translate into plenty of green in the bottom line.

New research commissioned by Symantec shows a wealth of opportunities for solution providers to help customers with equipment, services and strategies for going green.
As recently as 12 months ago, many organizations might have placed green IT close to the bottom of their list of technology priorities. Now, however, new research shows that green IT is topping the list of initiatives organizations want to tackle in 2009, even in the midst of an economic crisis.
The research, commissioned by Symantec as a double-blind survey of over 1,000 companies worldwide, offers solution providers hard evidence that green IT is a fresh, untapped opportunity to deliver products and services that fit both customers' business needs and the need to meet green IT goals.

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