Syware Unveils New Tool for Handheld Users

New software from Syware allows handheld users to create and print custom reports from Pocket PC or Windows CE devices using data from SQL Server CE databases.

Syware Inc. next week will unveil sqlceEnable, software that allows handheld users to create and print invoices, quotes, customer receipts and other custom reports from a Pocket PC or Windows CE device using data from SQL Server CE databases.

Reports can draw data from multiple tables within the same database. Filtering allows users to choose only the records they wish to view. Reports can be printed or e-mailed as text attachments, allowing users to quickly get receipts into customers hands or stocking reports to distributors. Reports can also be displayed and printed in color.

The software runs on Pocket PC, Windows CE devices or Windows XP-powered Tablet PCs. It will be available next week from the companys online store and will be priced at $499. The sqlceEnable software development kit packaged with 100 run-time licenses is priced at $1,999.

sqlceEnable is an add-on to Sywares Report CE, a report-writing tool for Pocket PC and Windows CE handhelds thats available in Personal or Professional editions. Report CE Personal is designed for single-device applications and is priced at $79. Report CE Professional is priced at $299 and includes a royalty-free license to distribute custom report templates.

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