Tech Data to Carry GizMac Accessories for Apple

The distributor is the first to add GizMac's XRackPro line of rack-mount enclosure cabinets to its line card. (The Channel Insider)

Catering to its Apple-centric resellers and end users, Tech Data announced it will serve as the first distributor for GizMac Accessories XRackPro line of rack-mount enclosure cabinets for Apple Xserve servers and RAID storage devices.

Tech Data said the solutions are designed to reduce noise by as much as 80 percent compared with standard server and storage racks.

"For our Apple customers selling Xserve servers and RAID storage, the XRackPro cabinets are a compelling add-on opportunity that helps build margins and enable resellers to deliver a more versatile solution," said Brian Davis, Tech Datas vice president for Client Systems Product Marketing.

Through its AppleAdvantage Specialized Business Unit, Tech Data said it will distribute 4U (7-inch), 6U (10.5-inch), 12U (21-inch) and 25U (43.75-inch) XRackPro cabinets.

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The XRackPro line features a sound-dampening and rugged structural design; a secure, locking glass door; rolling casters for easy mobility; and quiet fans to keep components cool.

In addition to Apple Xserve server and RAID products, the XRackPro can house other rack-mounted hardware. The XRackPro also accommodates most servers, storage arrays, routers, switches and other devices from leading manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Cisco.

This enables resellers to deploy an extensive array of networking, storage, telephony and professional audiovideo solutions in a wide range of vertical markets.

Tech Data has made the XRackPro cabinet a part of its Apple solutions demonstration in its TDSolutions Center, a proof-of-concept and solutions-testing lab located at the distributors headquarters in Clearwater, Fla.

In addition to the XRackPro series, Tech Data also will distribute an array of iPod accessories from GizMac.

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