Techs Soft Landing In Rough Economy - Page 6

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Wild Card

Were willing to go out on a limb here and predict that 2001 will go down as a pretty good year for the IT community, if not a great year. And more important, the outlook beyond 2001 looks even stronger.

Of course, there are too many wild cards at play to rule out a recession, and economists warn that if consumers begin thinking and acting like theyre headed for a downturn, they might just get what they fear. If oil and gas prices stay at their current levels, the economy could also be gouged into stalling.

Even those in the IT community who are pretty bullish on the coming year said they were surprised at how quickly things headed south on the dot-com front earlier last spring.

"Anybody who says they saw the meltdown of the dot-com sector coming is a liar," P&Gs David said. "We all knew it would happen, but no one thought it would happen as quickly or a severely as it did."