The Buzz: June 10, 2002

New Peregrine, Sourcefire CEOs; Nader to U.S.: Hit Microsoft Income; No Stopping E-Commerce

New Peregrine, Sourcefire CEOs

Software developer Peregrine Systems was looking for stability after learning it was under federal investigation for possible accounting problems. Security company Sourcefire was looking to move up the food chain.

Both last week hired new CEOs to help them achieve these goals.

Peregrine, whose former CEO, Steve Gardner, resigned last month after an audit uncovered accounting irregularities regarding about $100 million in revenues during 2000 and 2001, tagged Gary Greenfield as CEO. Greenfield was previously president and CEO of software developer Merant.

Sourcefire, an intrusion detection system maker looking to move into the top tier of security companies, hired Wayne Jackson from Aether Systems.

Jackson replaces founder Martin Roesch, who will become the companys chief technology officer.

Nader to U.S.: Hit Microsoft Income

The U.S. government is spending too much time and money for too little return in pursuing Microsoft through the courts, according to Ralph Nader and the Consumer Project on Technology.

Instead, officials should use their vast buying power to force Microsoft into giving up its monopolistic ways, Nader and James Love of the CPT said in a June 4 letter to Mitchell Daniels, director of the Office of Management and Budget.

"The Department of Justice is spending years in court trying to restrain very modest elements of Microsofts monopoly abuses," the two said in the letter. "The federal government spends billions of dollars on software purchases from one company that ... is well known for engaging in many ... anticompetitive practices. Would a business that was spending this much money be such a passive consumer?"

Microsoft and the states pushing for harsher penalties on the company are set to give closing arguments in a hearing June 19.

No Stopping E-Commerce

Online retail sales continue to rise but are still dwarfed by offline sales.

Retail Sales (in millions of dollars)




Year-to-Year E-Commerce Sales Growth

Q4 00




Q1 01




Q2 01




Q3 01




Q4 01




Q1 02




Source: U.S. Census Bureau