The Channel Looks Bright for 2004

Stock prices are higher. Market caps are up. Ziff Davis Channel Zone Editor Carol Ellison asks: Will the good times keep rolling in 2004?

No one can say that 2003 has not been kind to the channel. Its profit picture—not to mention its performance on Wall Street—promises to end the year on a high note not seen around these parts since 2000.

With the Nasdaq flirting with the 2000 mark and the Dow marching steadily toward 1400, phrases like "market cap" and "IPO" are back in fashion. The economys roller-coaster ride may not be over but, as the New Year approaches, it looks like well at least ride the high into 2004.

Can the New Year support the momentum? Thats the $24,000 question. Times that seem too heady to be true, often are. And some recent Lets look at the recent past. It may tell us something about the future.


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