The Ideal MSCA Study Guide

"Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment," by Rory McCaw and Alan Simpson, is everything you need to become confident enough to obtain a high score on the Microsoft MCSA exam.

Rory McCaw and Alan Simpson have done their homework and delivered quite nicely for McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media with "Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment." This all-in-one study system for the MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) wanna-be provides an array of information supported by an electronic book, two complete MasterExams and 30+ MasterSim Exams. The book covers all the expected MCSA material, including TCP/IP, Remote Access, Web Resources, Troubleshooting, and yes, the Active Directory as well.

The very first chapter deals with every struggling technicians biggest hurtle: the TCP/IP suite. The authors do a bang-up job explaining the technology, using clear and concise tables, figures and exercises. The Windows 2000 Active Directory, the newcomer on the block, is also introduced in bite-size, user-friendly chunks that make reading this book a joy. Again, with good explanation the Active Directory Certification objectives are covered with justice.

This work also includes some great tools that will enhance the students study experience. I found that, even after reading the book and using the tools provided, the information stayed with me. Every chapter includes a "Two Minute Drill," which summarizes the chapter in a precise manner. These drills work well for those who are too lazy to highlight because Osborne does it for you. There is also an "Exam Watch" on every other page that gives the reader great insight into what might be covered on the real exam. There is some light repetition throughout the book, but this is actually a smart strategy devised by the authors to further drive home their many points.

This book is justified in claiming to be everything you need to become confident enough to obtain a high score on the real Microsoft MCSA exam. Whether you are an instructor or a student, youll be hard pressed to find a better training and self-assessment system.

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Title: Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment
Authors: Rory McCaw, Alan Simpson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media (
Length: 916 pages
Price: $49.99