The Obama Girl and Ralph Nader Show

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These are not the best of times for Ralph Nader, the perennial and current Independent Party candidate for the presidency. Most newspapers and broadcast outlets have simply refused to cover his campaign. The thinking is that Nader has no influence and certainly has no chance to win. That prompted Nader to ask, If that's the case, why does the Washington Post cover the Washington Nationals?

Who knew Nader had a sense of humor? Apparently, viral video star Obama Girl, who seems willing to milk every ounce of publicity out of being Obama Girl. In a new online sitcom, Obama Girl, pinched by the trying economic times, shares an office with Nader. Just imagine the hilarity that ensues. See Ralph yuk it up! Watch Obama Girl flash some moves! Or, maybe not.

Here's the summary of the first episode, which also features a special guest appearance by former pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura:

"Despite the troubles with our nation's economy Obama Girl wholeheartedly agrees with her man that this is precisely the time when the presidential candidates should be appearing before the nation. But if McCain does back out, fear not ... Obama Girl has a new officemate who is most definitely willing to participate. None other than independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader."

More than 50,000 have viewed the first episode. Make of that what you will.