Tiny Metal Box Woos VARs and MSPs

Jumpnode is wooing VARs with discounts, marketing funds, training, support and an optional co-branded product.

Looking to bring appliance-enabled software services to smaller companies, Jumpnode Systems has created a reseller program and also began signing MSPs to use its appliance for monitoring and remote management.

The three-year-old Minneapolis-based company, which only began shipping the appliance two years ago, launched the partner program at the end of April and has already wooed a handful of MSPs and VARs.

To win them over, Jumpnode is offering discounts on purchases and annual subscription renewals, co-op marketing funds, partner training, professional sales tools, Level 2 customer support and optionally a custom-branded product.

The two-tier program classifies partners as authorized and certified. Certified resellers also are eligible to receive leads from the Web that are generated by Jumpnode.

The company is looking for the partner program to take its technology into more small businesses.

"Small companies have the same challenges as large companies do," said Irfan Khan, CEO and product strategist at Jumpnode. "I wondered why they werent implementing the solutions that were out there."

One of the things Khan noticed during his time earlier in his career as a network engineer was that sales people were resistant to lugging servers around to customer sites, and customers often didnt have a place to put servers.

With that in mind, Khan created an appliance with a form factor designed for the market. Its a small metal box, the size of a paperback book at 7 inches by 5 inches by 1 U high. It has no fans or hard drives and it runs on an ARM-embedded processor rather than a hot x86 processor. The appliance includes an analog modem, an optional cellular modem and an Ethernet port.

The appliance monitors information such as disk space and event logs on Windows servers and on the network side it can monitor bit rates and bandwidth. It monitors CPU utilization on routers and it can also monitor Web pages.

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