Tom Henderson: Solar Sweat (shirts)

It seems natural: solar chargers connected to lithium ion batteries,

all nicely snugged into a hyper-cool jacket. The 'smartTextiles"

village at CeBIT is where eventually, Armani will meet Jobs-- and play

catch-up to the enormous varieties of techno-clothing at the village

this year.

We found fashion (yes, that's an iPod holder built into the sleeve),

sports (you need controlled heat? Yeah, we do that), workwear (twenty- one pockets, and there's a techno-gadget in each and a USB-charging

power supply for each) to healthcare.

Fun fashions include (almost) wireless yet CPU-regulated temperature- controlled gear from warmX, and the aforementioned Pierre Cardin solar- cell powered jackets. The Mobile Research Center at the University of

Bremen specializes in technical apparel from high-tech gloves through

to Borg-like multi-function occupation-specific designs that borrow

heavily from Hollywood wardrobe designer in concept, then turned into

job-specific combinations.

Cardin is already here. It's only a matter of time until Jobs and

Armani arrive on the scene. I can only imagine what iPants might look