Too Much of a Good (Windows) Thing?

Opinion: Microsoft is sending mixed signals as to whether it will field more or fewer Windows releases. But our bet is more, more, more.

The Windows team likes to pride itself on holding its cards close to the vest. But sometimes that strategy backfires, as it did this week on the Longhorn front.

Microsoft execs have been making a concerted effort not to talk publicly about Longhorn. But that hasnt stopped others from doing so. And this week, there were lots of conflicting Longhorn leaks:

  • Microsoft has at least seven Longhorn variants on the drawing board, including new small-business and an "uber" Windows variant, according to one Windows-watching site. (Theres no Windows Longhorn Reduced Media Edition on the list, but Microsofts still in denial about that one.)

So, which of these, if any, is true? The Windows client team wont say. Officials are clinging to the tired line that "its too early to talk yet about packaging plans for Longhorn." But wouldnt you like to hear more about good old Windows XP instead?

Our sources say that the truth lies at the intersection of all of these reports. We hear Microsoft is thinking about more Windows releases, not fewer—the same way that the Office team and the Visual Studio teams are thinking about ways to broaden their products appeal by rolling out more variants.

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