Tools Test For RosettaNet Compliance

Drake Certivo announces its Jump Start Solution Suite for RosettaNet software.

Drake Certivo Inc., a company that provides standards implementation acceleration software and services for supply chain and trading partner network optimization, on Thursday announced its expanded suite of test products.

The Jump-Start Solution Suite is a set of tools, services and processes designed to support implementation compliance for trading partners through the companys RosettaNet Ready Software Compliance Program. RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium that works to develop open Internet-based standards for the high-tech trading community.

Jump-Start components include solution certification, trading partner certification, interoperability testing, a test engine, test automation controller, test script generation tools and reporting capabilities, as well as a full set of professional services to facilitate rapid implementation compliance. Features include transaction integrity checking as messages are processed across back-end systems, middleware and transport layers. At the same time, trading partner implementation and compliance testing become automated processes with Jump-Start.

The tools and service package also provide a common benchmark platform to measure adherence to RosettaNet specifications and trading partner requirements.

Jump-Start Solution Suite provides test cases that to help users find undiscovered errors. The tools are used in the identification of errors, their root causes, and to provide help with remedial action, Drake Certivo officials said. A Jump-Start Tool kit includes the Test Engine and components for test script generation, Web-based user interface and test automation.

Peter Warringer, chief operating officer of the Newport Beach, Calif., company, said the trading partner community has expressed a need for software and services that bring their partners online quicker. The Jump-Start offering is in response to that need, according to Warringer, as well as the need to help companies reduce the cost of integrating partners.