Trigo Teams With Commerce One, Ariba

Commerce One Inc. and Ariba Inc. have a new ally in common that helps suppliers keep track of procurement information.

Commerce One Inc. and Ariba Inc. have a new ally in common that helps suppliers keep track of procurement information.

Trigo Technologies Inc. last week announced alliances with both e-commerce platform providers that are aimed at offering suppliers quick access to Commerce Ones and Aribas e-procurement systems.

Trigo develops supplier-focused software that is designed to optimize multiple online sales channels. The Brisbane, Calif., company will become a part of Commerce Ones Sell-Side On-Ramp program and Aribas Supplier Hub program. By using the Trigo Enterprise system, suppliers will be able to better manage procurement information, according to Trigo officials.

Trigo Enterprise has four components: a Content Suite for creating and managing personalized catalogs, a Commerce Suite for managing purchase orders, a Connectivity Suite for linking suppliers to existing enterprise applications, and a Channel Suite that provides dynamic reporting and analytic capabilities.

Of particular interest to suppliers having difficulties integrating their catalogs with exchange platforms—or even getting one online—may be the Content Suite. This software essentially pushes a companys catalog out to its e-commerce platforms on a regularly scheduled basis. The key, according to Trigo officials, is that when a supplier catalog is updated, only that updated section is shipped to the e-commerce platform provider.

With suppliers selling to multiple customers that use various systems, purchase orders can come back in multiple formats, according to Trigo officials. The Commerce Suite consolidates those formats and pushes the data into the suite, where it is integrated into the suppliers back-end systems.

Denise Miano, vice president of emerging technologies for Moore Corp., uses Trigo Enterprise in deploying e-marketplaces. With Trigo, Moore convinced Ford Motor Co. that it could connect its software to the Covisint auto exchange.

"What it came down to was our ability to show them how we could deploy and send our stuff out to the marketplace," said Miano, of Manchester, N.H.

"If we look at our customers and where theyre going, Commerce One and Ariba are the top two [exchange platforms]," she added. For Trigo "to connect us into those marketplaces, [it means] we dont have to reinvent the wheel."