Twitter is King, Twitter is Dead

Microblogging network Twitter is being hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread--or at least Facebook. Here's the question: Can Twitter survive the hype or are we all just looking for the next great thing?

Google is going to acquire Twitter. Or Google is just feigning interest in the leading microblogging network. Or, perhaps, the world is just looking to further legitimize the home of the Tweet. Regardless, the hype engine is in overdrive to pronounce Twitter the indispensible, must see social network of the Internet. And for that reason, let's pronounce it dead on arrival now and be done with it.

Not a day goes by any more that I don't receive a call from some vendor or public relations firm saying that they'll be tweeting from some event or, as in the case with, the integration of Twitter with business applications to monitor customer feedback.

In my beloved security community, the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco is providing ample backdrop (and excuses) for vendors and their hired-microblogging guns to warm up their fingers to tap out the happenings and occurrence 140 characters at a time.

But I must ask why the sudden surging interest in microblogging and, specifically, Twitter? I would argue that we, the members of the online world, are crowd-sourcing an heir apparent to the reigning king, Facebook.

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