Unified Mobil And Cell Phone Systems

Are we getting nearer to the day when businesses will issue one phone to an employee and the phone will have sufficient smarts to seek out the cheapest and best connection at any location? I think so and I met up with a few execs at CeBIT who helped confirm my suspicion.

Gordon Young, the VP of Sales for DiVitas Networks, is in the business of selling systems that seamlessly manage converged mobile networks. But despite his obvious bias, he also has an obvious point to make: you can now managed converged mobile networks that will step from a cell to WiFi network. So why have an incompany wired network and also go around issuing cell phones to employees?

Hakan Ericson, the director of European operations for Mobile Complete, told me about a company RebTel which allows you to make international calls with only incurring local costs. Hakan is a Swede and RebTel is also a Swedish company, but the company that figures out how to blend mobil, cell, local and international calls into one corporate network is in line to make a lot of money by replacing two phones with one multiuse phone.