Users Of Two Minds About Windows Future

Customers want a cumulative security-fix pack. But they want Microsoft to fix Windows, first and foremost.

In last weeks column, I requested your opinions as to what Microsoft should do to maintain and augment Windows momentum, given the fact that we are going into somewhat of a "dry spell," in terms of major new releases.

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After all, as I mentioned last week, it looks like Microsoft wont be releasing Service Pack 2 for Windows XP until mid-year. An update of Windows XP for the Tablet PC and another for Media Center PCs are on tap for the same time. But will that be enough to keep users satisfied with (let alone excited about) Windows until Longhorn client ships in the 2005+ timeframe (and Longhorn Server in the 2006+ one)?

Some Windows users have been vociferously advocating that Microsoft provide at the very least a service pack with the hundreds of security fixes issued since Windows XP shipped in 2001. But quite a few of you took the opposite view, advocating that Microsoft put a temporary halt on new releases - including anything like the rumored, interim "Shorthorn" - and instead focus on fixing Windows XP before rolling out a single line of new code.

Without further ado, here is a sampling of your advice to Microsoft about Windows: