Veritas Aids Windows Server Restoration

New technology will restore Windows servers on different hardware than their original configurations.

Veritas Software Corp. has new technology to restore Windows servers on different hardware than their original configurations, officials said Monday.

The option comes in Bare Metal Restore 4.6, available by early June.

"We do everything per Windows [application programming interfaces] and primarily having to do with the registry," said Richard Harrison, a product manager, in Austin, Texas.

With the new feature, administrators wont have to wait for an identical server to arrive. It is also useful in cases where the original equipment isnt made anymore. Changes could include different network and video adapters, storage, motherboards, CPU quantities and types, and components from companies other than the original.

Until the third quarter, the new version will cost $695 for Windows licenses. It also requires the high-end NetBackup software, Harrison said.

Bare Metal Restore has similar features for its supported Unix platforms, including AIX, HP-UX and Solaris, but full Windows-like automation for Unix isnt planned until a version "beyond the next major release," along with support for the midrange Backup Exec software, Harrison added. The next release itself will focus on integrating with Service Manager, he said.

Backup Exec does have a feature called Intelligent Disaster Recovery, but it doesnt support Unix, is only for clients, not servers, and lacks Bare Metal Restores browser-based management, he said.

Bare Metal Restores Unix licenses cost $895 until the third quarter. After that, licenses will cost $900 for Windows and $1,000 for Unix, he said.