Vistas Nine Most Annoying Features

Opinion: This OS is good, but it's not perfect. Here's some stuff I wish Microsoft had done differently. (

Microsoft Windows Vista is gonna be with us for a long time. Its a fine operating system, so thats good news. Still, riding shotgun with all of Vistas charms are its many little annoyances. Here are nine that stick in my craw.

1. Who Am I and Who Are You
Windows Vista tries hard to protect us from ourselves. One unintended consequence is that it will sometimes block actions that we purposefully generated—and not even recognize that we selected the option.

For example, I decided to try editing a Web page with Microsoft Word (Office 2007) and got a screen that said: "A website wants to open Web content using this program on your computer." Then Vista showed the Office 2007 component and explained that the program will open outside Internet Explorers Protect Mode. All this would be fine if I werent the person trying to edit the page.

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