Web Digest: Administer on Your BlackBerry ...and More

Winternals announces new recovery manager ... Sonic Mobility releases mobile administration utility ... and bite back on those scam e-mails.

Security Web Digest 03-05-2003

Security Management

Winternals Software announced that the new Recovery Manager is "a couple weeks away from general release." An enterprise-oriented tool for recovery of damaged and non-bootable Windows NT/2K/XP systems. While basically similar to Windows XPs System Restore function, Recovery Manager supports Windows 2000 and NT, can be centrally managed and run on a scheduler.

Winternals also announced a revision to their Administrators Pak, a collection of tools for Windows NT/2K/XP system analysis and repair. The new version, planned for the second quarter of this year, will be compatible with Windows Server 2003, will have enhanced recovery capabilities and the ability to format and partition disks.

Sonic Mobility has released sonicadmin, which allows secure remote access to NetIQs AppManager Suite via a BlackBerry or Pocket PC. Administrators can use these devices to remotely administer their networks in response to event pages, whether at home, on a train or in the bathroom.

Auditing of changes to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in Windows Active Directory is now possible with FAZAM Auditing from FullArmor. The product can also notify administrators when changes to important policies, or whatever policies they specify, are made.


IronPort Systems has announced SenderBase, an online database of high volume email senders. Administrators can use the database to construct blacklist and whitelists to block spam. IronPort will be building filtering appliances that use the database.

Anti-spam company Sunbelt Software has released a popup- and ad-blocking program called iHatePopups. The $9.95 utility supports all modern versions of Windows.


The second edition of the classic book Firewalls and Internet Security by William Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin, and Aviel D. Rubin has been released. A lot has happened since the first edition was released in 1994. The new edition deals extensively with repelling hackers attempting denial of service (DOS) attacks, for example. Classes of tools, such as intrusion detection tools, that were not extensively discussed in the first edition are discussed. Examples refer to UNIX systems but the principles are generally applicable to any well-administered system.

Black Hat

Not getting enough of those Nigerian scam emails? Now you can generate your own with a free African Scam Email Generator. You can customize many of the parameters in the letter, including your relationship to the leader, the circumstances of their removal from power, and the amount you want to embezzle from the people of your country. Just add a bulk emailer and youre set.