Websense Launches First Security Appliance

Providing solution providers with an additional weapon in their security arsenal, Websense announced the release of its first appliance to deliver gateway security that includes Web filtering, traffic inspection and deep inspection of Web 2.0 content.

The Websense V10000 signals a change in the Websense model, which had been a software-only security vendor. By providing a hardware option, Websense says it's meeting the end-user demand for a hardened appliance and giving solution providers an easily deployed solution for their customers.

While many vendors are pushing more of their security offerings into cloud-based solutions, Websense says its appliance is a response to the needs of midsize and large enterprises trying to manage and control the ever-expanding use of social networking and Web 2.0 tools.

"Customers are looking to deploy Web security solutions inline because they need to scan and classify the content in real time, as it comes over the wire" says David Meizlik, Director of Product Marketing for Web and Data Security at Websense. "The end goal is to allow access to sites and the good content they contain, but block access to what bad or inappropriate content also exists on that page, without blocking the entire page."

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