Weeks Best Weblogs: February 6, 2006

Eric Lundquist's picks from eWEEK blogs from the February 6 issue.

Here are Eric Lundquists picks from eWEEK blogs from the February 6 issue:


Security exploits

"I hold no brief against Symantec, whose products Ive used for 24 years. Pretty much every IBM-type PC that I use has some version of Symantecs Norton Utilities or Norton Internet Security installed. I consider the companys anti-virus services and databases to be among the industry leaders. Hence my disappointment at what seems to me like exploitive FUD in a realm where its not needed." 1/27/06

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The friendly skies

"Hey, frequent flyers! You know that fear you have boarding a plane that an absolute nut job, drooler or extremely chatty person will be sitting next to you for the entire flight? Well, now you can virtually guarantee that loon sitting next to you will wanna gab, because you can prearrange the meeting. The folks at AirTroductions wanna hook up air travelers to be seat mates, gate companions or cab sharers. Mmmm, I travel a lot. Maybe I should fill out a bio." 1/30/06

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Storage toolbox

"Microsofts SIS (Single Instance Storage) technology, which they recently added to Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, is a powerful tool for increasing storage efficiency, but it does not eliminate the need for implementing de-duplication in the future." 1/25/06

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