Whats Your View on Vista?

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Whats Your View on Vista?

Windows XP is stable, and were likely to wait on bringing in Vista to our production environment until the first full service pack is out. Were evaluating it now in our lab. Once it's fully tested with our applications, well deploy for newly pur

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Whats Your View on Vista? - Ed Benincasa, FN Manufacturing

At this time, we are not performing any testing for Vista. We are hoping to start an evaluation later in 2007. We have many other mission-critical projects to work on, and the upgrade to Vista just does not buy us anything. In addition, it would re

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Whats Your View on Vista? - Carl Ashkin, Darby Companies

We have been heavily invested in testing Vista but are still a bit hesitant about making the jump to this new OS across the entire enterprise. Many of the smaller (and some larger) software vendors have yet to provide updates, patches or a new rele

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Whats Your View on Vista? - CIO, U.S. Government Agency

We plan to move to Vista, probably after SP1, but we are just in the early stages of testing right now. Of major concern is the licensing and Windows validation process inherent in Vista—it appears to make life much more difficult in the enter

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Whats Your View on Vista? - Joshua Brodbent, Any Way Computer

All of my managed services clients are contractually forbidden for a year from using Vista. Joshua Brodbent President Any Way Computer Wynne, Ark.

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Whats Your View on Vista? - Technology Manager, Public Retail Company

'We will put Vista through the usual paces now to familiarize ourselves with it, but we do not plan to deploy for about six to 12 months. I expect user training costs to be high and the migration to be challenging. We are also aggressively deploying

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Whats Your View on Vista? - Karl Herleman, Miami Dade College

'We have been testing Vista for several months, and we've seen some issues when doing upgrades (not clean image installs). Our hopes are that Vista gives us the ability to better manage/centralize/secure the desktop in our enterprise, and our fears are t

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