Windows SBS 2011 Powerful yet Pricey

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Windows SBS 2011 Powerful yet Pricey

by P. J. Connolly

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Basic Setup Checklist

An administrator logging into SBS 2011 is presented with a task list that is broken down into initial setup chores and ongoing maintenance responsibilities.

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Network Setup Made Simple

Connecting an SBS 2011 server to the Internet is a simple process, thanks to the setup wizards for network connections and higher-level functions.

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Control at One's Fingertips

The SBS 2011 management console puts key features in a sidebar, with frequently accessed tasks in the main window.

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Set Storage Quotas

SBS 2011 allows administrators to apply storage quotas and other policies based on one or more templates, which can be modified as needed.

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Folder Creation Done Right

Folder creation through the SBS 2011 console keeps security uppermost, by putting permissions and policies first.

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All in This Together

An SBS 2011 group of users can be strictly for e-mail purposes, or it can control access to network resources, or both.

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Manage Updates Centrally

SBS 2011 includes Windows Server Update Services, which provides a central depot and management facility for patches and updates to the OS and other software.

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No-More-Tears Reporting

SBS 2011 comes with a variety of canned reports that cover all aspects of system status, offering everything from a high-level summary to detailed log files.

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Patch management in SBS 2011 is made easy through the use of one policy for servers in the domain, and another for clients.

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