Windows Server to Get Reloaded Treatment, Too

Could there be a Windows Server 'Shorthorn' in your future? Microsoft says the possibility isn't out of the question.

The later Longhorn gets, the more Microsoft is struggling with how to deliver to customers new features that are ready to go.

On the heels of acknowledging last week that Microsoft might release an interim version of the Windows client before Longhorn, Redmond officials said the company will likely release an interim update on the server side.

"It is likely we will do an update to Windows Server 2003 some time before Longhorn Server ships," said Jeff Price, senior director for Windows server product management. "We are still working through the list of current and future technologies that would be included."

Last week, Microsoft officials acknowledged that the company is considering a number of options—including the possible release of an interim version of Windows between XP and the Windows Longhorn client—to get new "out-of-band" features into the hands of customers. Microsoft also could use additional service packs or other mechanisms to make new technologies available sooner than 2006, the estimated delivery date for the Longhorn client. This collection of feature-delivery options is code-named "XP Reloaded," Microsoft officials said.


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