WorldChain Upgrades Platform

Upgrade enables a company and its supply chain to execute off the same customer demand signal.

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Supply chain management software maker WorldChain Inc. will announce on Monday the next iteration of its namesake software.

WorldChain 3.0 will help users move away from traditional forecast-based push supply chain approaches to pull-based models, where a company and its supply chain execute off the same customer demand signal, according to officials.

Applicable for both discrete and process manufacturers, 3.0 provides real-time visibility and execution management to synchronize order fulfillment and inventory replenishment across in-bound, fulfillment and service logistics networks.

The suite is comprised of WorldChain Network Platform, WorldChain Network Inventory and Order Management BizPak application, and a WorldChain Network Repair Logistics BizPak application.

Each BizPak module includes best practices policies, workflow templates and an automation toolkit. Each WorldChain BizPak is deployed in tandem with the WorldChain Network Platform, officials said.

Additional 3.0 upgrades include an enhanced browser-based GUI that provides monitoring and navigation capabilities for real-time metrics, event reporting and resolution.

An Event Manager module manages policy-based events and tracks those events through to resolution. Event triggers include both line-item transaction discrepancies—a shipment that doesnt match a receipt, for example—and imminent SLA [service level agreement] violations.

A Performance Management module provides configurable and automated system monitors and reports each entitys performance and compliance with SLAs.

A new Supply Chain Configurator provides a model-based representation of the entire supply chain, including where material is stored in the supply chain, how it moves through the chain, how orders are sourced and filled and which entity owns inventory at any point in a supply chain.

The Policy Manager module is a rules-based configuration of SLAs, and includes business policies and escalation hierarchies that can be tailored to each supply chain structure. Automatic, extensible screens allow for new policy additions.

WorldChain Connect provides standards-based connectivity to support leading protocols and formats and integrate back-end systems.

WorldChain is based in Freemont, Calif.

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