XP Gets USB 2.0 - 2

The newest and fastest version of USB gets a nod of approval from the software Goliath-Microsoft makes it's first USB 2.0 driver available for download.

When Windows XP was released in October, USB 2.0 support was lacking but promised as soon as possible. Today Microsoft made good on that promise—record time for the Redmond giant. Users with USB 2.0 host controllers can download the driver by going to the Windows Update website, www.windowsupdate.com. (Note: PCs without USB 2.0 card or device on your PC will not be able to find the driver update on the Windows Update site)

Windows XP was released without USB 2.0 support because, Microsoft claimed, there were too few shipping USB products with which to test driver compatibility. Today, there are over 100 USB 2.0 devices available. USB 2.0 increases available bandwidth to 480Mbps, making it easier to use peripherals such as high-quality video conferencing cameras, high-resolution scanners, and high-density storage devices. Check back here soon for PC Magazine product reviews featuring new USB products and the Microsoft driver.