Yahoo Enhances User Experience with Toolbar, Bookmark Updates

Search portal giant Yahoo revs up user-centric features with integrated toolbar and bookmarking capabilities.

Yahoo announced Oct. 25 that it will be launching new and improved versions of Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Bookmarks, which will give users an easier way to log on to, save, arrange and search their favorite Web sites and pages.

Duke Fan, director of product management for Yahoo Toolbar, said in an interview that because both products have a large user base, the company is always looking for ways to improve its Web site as a whole.

"Bookmark has always been a core value of Yahoo Toolbar," said Fan. "We took this new opportunity to switch to a new platform because this gave us more space and unlimited ability to bookmark pages."

Yahoos newest version of its Toolbar gives users a way to customize their options to make it more suitable for them to jump onto and save their favorite Web pages.

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New features of Yahoo Toolbar include an enhanced bookmark button, which allows users to swiftly save and access bookmarks on any computer, and an instant search feature that gives users a way to quickly find related bookmarks as they type in the search box.

Like the newest version of Yahoo Toolbar, the new version of Yahoo Bookmarks gives users a way to tailor their needs through improved ways of saving, organizing and accessing bookmarks.

Yahoo Bookmarks features easier ways to control and access saved bookmarks, an advanced search option that locates bookmarks by title, URL and page content, and the ability to share bookmarks via e-mail or Yahoos instant messaging platform.

"This is the first step of us using and unifying the platform," Fan said. "This will shape how we become more efficient as a Web page. For users, this will shape how things can be easier to search, organize and find whatever it is that they are looking for."

Yahoo claims these two new versions combined with a new "Bookmarks" button on the toolbar will make it simple for users to access, administer and recall their bookmarks from any computer.

"Todays launch of the new, integrated Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Bookmarks with advanced features puts the Web at consumers fingertips," said Tomi Poutanen, director of product management for Yahoo Search. "By focusing on the Yahoo Bookmarks and brands, we are able to deliver to consumers market-leading products for both personal and social bookmarking.

Both toolbar and bookmark products are available now in the United States, Germany and Taiwan through Yahoos Web site.

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