You Be the Judge - Page 4

Break It Up Some law firms have taken the next logical step. Theyve created their own ancillary technology consultant businesses. That, as FirmLogics Parker points out, still increases the owning firms revenue stream while enabling the attorneys to focus on law.

Two of the most successful of those are Holland & Harts CaseShare Systems and Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rices FirmLogic. Unlike the internal legal IT services efforts, those companies are out to turn a profit on their own and not just provide better service for their parent firms existing clients. Indeed, both companies seek out and sign customers that have nothing to do with their parents. And FirmLogic even provides specialized legal IT services such as case management to other law firms.

CaseShares core specialty is the document-driven extranet. Tredennick says those are used to build dynamic workflow systems. While legal work is CaseShares mainstay, the company also serves Sears and other corporate customers.

FirmLogic, which also has its roots firmly planted in the law, offers a broad array of legal and nonlegal technology services. While litigation support via a hosted Web site is at the core of its business, FirmLogic delivers other services that emphasize getting technology to adapt to the way a lawyer—or another client—work, rather than the inverse.