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Custom Code Specialized software, however, is where integrators can count on making money. All law firms want time and billing, time-entry and document-management software. In each of those categories, there are several clear market leaders.

In time and billing, the big players are Elite Information Systems Elite and CMS Open. For time entry, Sage, Advanced Productivity Software and Elite are what legal CIOs want. When it comes to document management, Hummingbird and iManage are the programs of choice.

Law firms also want specialized contact management programs. Here, the market leader is Interface Softwares InterAction followed by Cole Valley Softwares MarketEase. We say "want" because the firms are finding contact management software difficult to roll out. The technology is straightforward, but its hard to keep lawyers from thinking of their personal Rolodexes as private information caches rather than an institutional resource.

Voice recognition, although a hands-down favorite with older lawyers, is present in less than half of the top firms. Even the firms that use voice recognition tend to do so on very few desktops. Anecdotal evidence suggests that voice recognition is declining in popularity as lawyers become more comfortable with typing their own documents and realize that even the best voice recognition systems are no replacement for a good secretary.