10 Features We Want to See in Apple’s New Mac Desktops

1 - 10 Features We Want to See in Apple’s New Mac Desktops
2 - Macs’ Processing Power Needs a Boost
3 - Professionals Want Graphics Power
4 - A Modular Mac Pro Sounds Good
5 - Apple Should Market Multiple Consumer iMacs
6 - Apple’s Working on a ‘Pro’ iMac
7 - Does Touch Bar Integration Make Sense?
8 - Display Size Still Matters
9 - Design Innovation Is Critical
10 - There's Concerns About Pricing
11 - What About the Mac Mini?
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10 Features We Want to See in Apple’s New Mac Desktops

In an unorthodox move for Apple, the notoriously secretive company this week disclosed that it's working on new Macs to be unveiled this year and next. Apple, which typically doesn’t share such product details in advance of actual product introduction, revealed it is working on a modular Mac Pro design that could find its way to store shelves in 2018. Additionally, the technology behemoth said it’s currently designing and building new iMacs, including one model aimed at professionals that could offer higher-end components. Apple’s announcement will likely  excite customers who have watched existing Macs languish with few updates over the past few years. New models will no doubt help fire up sales. But to make that happen, here is some improves the company should consider.

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Macs’ Processing Power Needs a Boost

Apple’s Macs are not even close to the most powerful computers on the market right now. Apple needs to deliver new and powerful processors in its upcoming Mac Pro and iMac to regain ground it has lost to Windows PC makers, which are offering some of the fastest machines available.

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Professionals Want Graphics Power

In an interview with reporters, Apple executives acknowledged that professionals are seeking high-end graphics power and Mac desktops aren’t currently delivering. Apple needs to work with graphics makers such as Nvidia and use the best and most current GPU options. Sophisticated consumers and enterprise users expect it.

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A Modular Mac Pro Sounds Good

Executives noted Apple is working on a modular Mac Pro that would enable users to swap out components easily for new and better options. Such a move could help Apple keep pace with competitors and stay relevant. Keep going on the modular Mac Pro, Apple.

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Apple Should Market Multiple Consumer iMacs

As it has done in the past, Apple needs several different iMacs that can appeal to different consumer groups. A lower-end option could be appealing to families, while a more robust and expensive version could be aimed at sophisticated power users. A healthy number of configurations also wouldn’t hurt.

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Apple’s Working on a ‘Pro’ iMac

Apple also is reportedly working on a so-called “pro” iMac that would be offered solely to enterprise users. This model would differ from the higher-end consumer model and deliver features that corporate users are looking for, such as a bigger screen, workhorse components and perhaps a slightly modified design.

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Does Touch Bar Integration Make Sense?

Apple last year unveiled a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar integration, which employs a touch-based function bar at the top of the keyboard for interacting with on-screen software. Apple should consider bundling the Touch Bar in the iMac keyboard and its standalone wireless keyboard. Adding a Touch ID sensor could enhance the overall Apple desktop experience.

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Display Size Still Matters

Display size is a major selling point for Apple desktop buyers. For the iMac, Apple should offer a midsize screen measuring about 24 inches and increase the size of the display it currently offers to 30 inches from 27 inches. Recent all-in-one PC trends suggest users want bigger screens, so Apple should accommodate that.

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Design Innovation Is Critical

Last year, Microsoft unveiled its Surface Studio all-in-one, offering a touch-screen and a hinged design that makes it easier to digitally write on the display. Apple needs to think seriously about its Mac designs and offer something that’s a clear improvement and keeps pace with (or surpasses) the competition.

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There's Concerns About Pricing

Apple is a luxury PC maker and that doesn’t need to change with the new Macs. However, the company should keep in mind that customers won’t respond favorably to a Mac that costs thousands more than a comparably equipped PC. Apple can charge a premium, but it must be reasonable.

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What About the Mac Mini?

Much of the talk about Apple of late has focused on the Mac Pro and iMac. But there’s also a Mac Mini, which hasn’t received much attention. Apple needs to keep—and update—the Mac Mini as well. It’s a cheap device that gets people into the Mac ecosystem. As such, it needs to stay.