10 Reasons Why a Tablet Could Help Apple in the Enterprise

News Analysis: Apple has been mum on the possibility of releasing a tablet PC. But it's not hard to imagine what an Apple tablet design might look like. In fact, an Apple tablet might deliver a lot of value to enterprise users. Here are 10 reasons why a tablet could help Apple win more corporate customers.

Whether Apple plans to release an Apple tablet is still unknown. But as the rumors start piling up, it seems increasingly more likely that it will happen. We just don't know when. We also don't know exactly what the tablet would offer. At this point, it's all speculation.
But that doesn't mean we can't consider the impact the device will have. If Apple does release a tablet, there are some basic features that we can expect to see in any tablet design on the market.. These include a touch screen and software that will give users the opportunity to check e-mail, surf the Web and use applications.

One are where speculation about the Apple tablet has been lacking is that everyone seems to focus on consumers. Sure, a tablet might appeal most to consumers, but that doesn't mean that it won't also appeal to corporate customers. Quite the contrary. After all, enterprise users are increasingly accessing the Web through simple, less powerful machines like netbooks. To me, an Apple tablet seems well suited to serve this trend..
Simply put, a tablet could significantly help Apple in the enterprise. Here's why:
1. Look at netbooks
A few years ago, who would have believed that underpowered, small notebook computers would have been able to make any headway in the enterprise? It's historically a space where power and productivity reign supreme. But the netbook changed that. Now, companies are just fine with giving employees netbooks to do their work. It might not mean that they can access high-powered software, but they can surf the Web, check e-mail and edit important documents without much trouble. Plus, they can be connected to the Web anywhere with the help of a 3G connection. How would Apple's tablet be any different?
2. Consider the cloud
Now more than ever, companies are moving to the cloud. They realize the value of using applications that are available via the Web rather than those that are stuck on a computer's desktop. Since the Apple tablet's power will undoubtedly fail to compare with that of the many notebooks Apple offers, it will probably be ideally suited for Web use. That means companies that want employees to access the Web to get work done won't have any problems with Apple's tablet. It also ensures that a major barrier-the lack of Windows-won't come into play.
3. Remember the apps
Apple's Trojan horse in the touch-computing space is quickly becoming its applications. The company currently has over 85,000 applications designed for everyone from gamers to professionals. And thanks to those apps, many more companies are seeing the value of switching to the iPhone. There's no reason to suggest that the Apple tablet won't include some integration of those apps. Thanks to app support, companies will find quite a bit of use in the many enterprise applications in Apple's store.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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