A Slick, Innovative Cube: Shuttles XPC SB81P

Review: Shuttle is one again in the vanguard, this time bringing Intel's new 915 chipset and PCI Express to a small-form-factor computer. The new Shuttle SB81P introduces some innovations to the SFF cube market, but is innovation enough? (Extrem

Shuttle is a pioneer of small-form-factor computers, and the company is often among the first to incorporate the latest platform developments into barebones cube PCs. This trend continues with the new XPC SB81P system, one of the first to be built on the Intel 915G chipset and to support new LGA775-socket processors.

But the new chipset and processor support are not the only tricks up Shuttles sleeve. The system brings a cool implementation of tool-less drive installation, an innovative CPU thermal solution, and a sharp case design. To find out if all this justifies its premium price of $299 for you, read on.