Alienware Aurora m9700

Review: The acid-green Alienware Aurora m9700 comes with SLI nVidia graphics that can't be beat. But its lack of a dual-core processor may hamper its overall performance. (

Aside from Yoda in Star Wars, you rarely see green aliens in science-fiction movies anymore—these days, the color is more often applied to machines. Enter the latest Alienware gaming laptop, the Aurora m9700 ($3,934 direct), and its fresh coat of metallic cyborg-green paint.

The gaming rig will likely attract tons of attention, or at least turn everyone around you, uh, "green" with envy. And if thats not enough, its SLI nVidia graphics will tear apart all the latest 3D games.

The m9700s metallic-green paint job is not for everyone. From my perspective, if I cant draw a crowd with my poor gaming skills, I might as well do it with a funky color.

The black portions of the case clash with the green a little, but Alienwares signature alien emblem brings the whole design together. And now that the company has joined forces with Dell, Im hoping eventually to see the m9700 with the same lights that surround the Dell XPS M1710 (Core 2 Duo).

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