All MacBook Pro

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All MacBook Pro

Now with a Retina display and almost 25 percent thinner than previous iterations, the new MacBook Pro lost some legacy support in order to engineer in a greater reliance on Thunderbolt ports. However, users don't have to worry. Apple will sell you a dongle to convert those ports to the legacy hardware you likely know and love.

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Left Side

Starting from left to right, one sees the power port, Thunderbolt-1, Thunderbolt-2, USB 2.0/3.0 combo port Number 1 and the headphone port.

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Right Side

Starting from left to right, one sees the media card reader, HDMI port (a first for a Mac) and the USB 2.0/3.0 combo port Number 2.

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Retina Display

Apple engineering figured out a way to reduce the number of layers needed to get the 2880 x 1800 resolution display, helping to make the all-new MacBook Pro measure a mere 0.71 inches deep.

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The keyboard layout is pretty much untouched.

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There is really not much to see on the bottom of a MacBook Pro, and the new model, released and shipping July 11, is no exception.

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The classic Apple lid remains the same in the new MacBook Pro. What we really want to hear, rather than see, when eWEEK Labs gets our test unit is how much difference the asymmetric fan blades change and reduce sound coming from the unit.

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