AMD Hosts Preemptive Lunch Before Intel Launch

Advanced Micro Devices holds a lunch meeting to talk up its mobile-processing prowess before Intel's "Santa Rosa" chip set steals all the press. (

AMD made a strong preemptive statement on May 2, hosting a press and analyst luncheon to hype the companys strengths in mobile processing compared to the upcoming Intel mobile chip code-named Santa Rosa.

"We believe that versus Santa Rosa, in many areas, we already provide a superior experience," said Patrick Moorhead, vice president of advanced marketing for AMD.

AMD representatives highlighted graphics capabilities with Vista, and compatibility with next-generation 802.11n and Draft-N wireless standards. Representatives from Nvidia and Broadcom spoke at the San Francisco event, pointing to the advantage of an open-platform, brand-name solution.

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Whereas Santa Rosa is rumored to have these features made only by Intel, AMD partners with Nvidia and Broadcom for each capability separately.

"Really what this is, is a brand-name solution," Moorhead said. "So people say, Hey, I might not know what all these brands are, but I know its better and I know these brands are better. We want to provide our customers with the absolute choice."

Moorhead gave graphics demonstrations using AMDs latest mobile chips, the AMD mobile 690G chip set with the AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile processor, in comparison to Intels desktop Centrino G965 chip set with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

The graphics were admittedly more lifelike and the frame rate on the AMD system was between 40 and 45 frames per second, compared with Intels 17 to 22 frames per second. Of course, since Santa Rosa has yet to be tested, these numbers arent really an apples-to-apples comparison.

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