AMD Releases Dual-Core Athlon Processors for Desktops

Advanced Micro Devices releases a pair of dual-core Athlon processors for mainstream consumer desktop PCs. One of the new Athlon processors is a Black Edition chip that is unlocked, and the other microprocessor is only available through AMD's OEM partners. These AMD Athlon processors are likely to be some of the company's last processors offered at 65 nanometers before the switch to the 45-nm Phenom II chips in early 2009.

Advanced Micro Devices has released a pair of dual-core Athlon processors for mainstream desktops as the chip maker prepares to roll out 45-nanometer microprocessors for PCs in early 2009.

AMD released the two Athlon processors Dec. 15. The first chip is the AMD X2 7750 "Black Edition" processor, which is unlocked but has a listed clock speed of 2.7GHz. The second processor, which is also called the AMD X2 7750, has a clock speed of 2.5GHz, but this CPU is only available only to the company's OEM partners.

The two Athlon processors each offer 512KB of Level 2 cache with each processing core and 2MB of L3 cache that both cores share. The processors are part of AMD's "Cartwheel" platform that the chip maker released earlier in 2008 for mainstream desktops. The platform also includes AMD's 780G chip set and its ATI Radeon 3200 integrated graphics.

While AMD listed the Black Edition Athlon processor at $79, the company did not release a price for the other processor.

This will likely be one of the last times that AMD will offer new CPUs based on its older, 65-nanometer manufacturing process. In November, AMD released its "Shanghai" processor for server systems that is built on newer, 45-nm technology.

In 2009, AMD is expected to release a number of 45-nm processors for desktops and then later for laptops. AMD recently showed off its 45-nm Phenom II processor at an overclocking contest for gamers and PC enthusiasts. That processor is expected to appear for sale around the time of CES, in January 2009.

In addition to the Phenom II chip, AMD will roll out a 45-nm desktop processor called "Kodiak" in 2009. A 45-nm laptop processor, "Tigris," will follow later. Besides these processors for mainstream desktops, AMD plans to offer a new platform for corporate clients in 2009 as well.