An MFP for Almost All Seasons

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An MFP for Almost All Seasons

by P. J. Connolly

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A Solid Medium-Duty Multifunction Printer

The LaserJet Pro M1536DNF offers support for Apple AirPrint, and is built around a print engine that supports a monthly workload of a thousand or two pages.

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At-a-Glance Management

The Web-based management of the LaserJet Pro M1536DNF multifunction printer puts most of the commonly used tools into the hands of IT support staff.

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Print a Web Page Painlessly

Printing a Web page in iOS is as easy as e-mailing it to a friend; the same menu leads to the print dialog, shown here.

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Check Toner Levels from Afar

When a printer runs out of toner, work can grind to a halt; the ability to show up just as black fades to gray can keep users from missing a beat.

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Printer Options at Your Fingertips

AirPrint exposes a limited set of functions, but offers the most important ones, such as print range, number of copies and double-sided printing.

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Print Preview in Pages for iPad

Some iOS applications that use AirPrint, such as Apples own Pages for iPad will provide a graphical print preview, allowing users to see exactly how a job will look on the page.

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No-Tears Firmware Update

Some printers will be able to support AirPrint with a firmware update; HP was wise to create update installers for both Mac and Windows machines.

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Everything You Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask

The HP ToolboxFX utility, which provides the most complete set of management tools for the LaserJet Pro M1536DNF, requires a machine running Windows XP or later.

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