Apple iMac Still Has Flaws: 10 Ways to Improve It

NEWS ANALYSIS: The iMac is thin and looks fine, but there is room for improvement. Not everybody is prepared to compromise on features just to buy an Apple computer.

When the iMac was introduced late in 2012, Apple called the all-in-one computer the best it has launched. The company touted its impossibly thin lines and its appealing design and talked about its power. The latest iMac really is, Apple says, the best desktop for today’s consumers and enterprise users.

But further inspection might reveal a much different story. Apple’s iMac is certainly a top-of-the-line option for consumers and enterprise users and the company’s product has been considered the best all-in-one PC for years. But the latest launch doesn’t come without its flaws. Some of the flaws are major and could make customers question whether it’s the best computer to buy for the money.

Of course, that’s something that Apple and its legion of fans wouldn’t like to hear. But for customers looking to gather as much information as possible before buying, it’s a question that should not be overlooked.

Read on to find out the flaws in Apple’s latest-generation iMac that could stand some improvement.

1. The price is high

Apple is selling its iMacs at levels that are decidedly high compared to typical Windows PC prices. The 21.5-inch, 2.7GHz option starts at $1,299. Bumping up the processor to 2.9GHz means paying $1,499. The highest-end iMac will set customers back $1,999. Considering Windows-based all-in-ones are going for hundreds of dollars less, Apple’s computer might not seem like such a great deal.

2. It’s not as thin as you think

Much has been made about the iMac’s “ultrathin 5mm” thickness. However, it’s important to point out that the computer is only that thick at the edge of the display. Behind that edge is the computer innards, which push it out a bit. Plus, the stand is quite big, coming in at 6.9 inches in depth on the 21.5-inch model and 8 inches on the 27-inch version. That’s about standard for the all-in-one market. So, don’t expect the iMac to save you too much desk space.

3. An improved graphics card would have been nice

All of Apple’s iMacs come with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, which will do the trick for viewing videos, word processing and other typical applications. However, those who want to use the iMac for high-end video production or gaming will find that it falls short. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 675MX GPU is a decidedly middle-of-the-road product. It would have been nice if Apple bundled a better GPU in at least one of its iMac models.

4. More ports, please

Apple’s iMacs come with multiple of ports, including four USB 3.0, two Thunderbolt, and one Gigabit Ethernet option. However, the new iMacs shed the FireWire ports found in previous versions. That’s a major problem for folks that are running FireWire storage drives. Of course, Apple says its Thunderbolt port solves that issue, but until more external components support that technology, it’s not the fix Apple says it is.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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