Apple iPad Could Add Video Chat, Smaller Sizes, Retina Display

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Apple iPad Could Add Video Chat, Smaller Sizes, Retina Display

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Dual Cameras

Apples competitors have seized on dual embedded cameras as a key hard-ware differentiator for their own tablet offerings. That raises the chances that Ap-ple will equip the next iPad with front- and rear-facing cameras for videoconferencing.

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Apple likes thin—take a look at the MacBook Air, or the newest iPhone and iPods. Trust the iPad to slim down a bit, too, in its next version.

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Apple also likes lightweight, and the company may take into consideration some users complaints about the current iPads weight. It could try to pare that down by a few ounces, or ...

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Offer Multiple Sizes

Apple could choose to go down the iPod route and start offering the iPad in multiple sizes. This may allow the company to counteract competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which features 7-inch screens.

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Adobe Flash

Yes, Apple CEO Steve Jobs apparently hates Adobe Flash with the fire of a thousand suns. But with so many Websites still relying on Flash to display their rich content, Apple may eventually cave and support Flash on its mobile products.

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Analysts foresee a big market for tablets protected by ultra-tough Gorilla Glass screens. Apple may be tempted to join that particular party for the next ver-sion of the iPad, in addition to ruggedizing the device in other ways. Nobody wants to break their iPad by dropping it.

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Two USB Ports

Apples iOS 4.2 update enabled wireless printing for the iPad. And you can use the tablets 3G and/or WiFi connection for porting documents. But some users have complained about a lack of USB slots, and the features presence on compet-ing devices could drive Apple to include them in iPad 2.0.

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Retina Display

The super-sharp Retina Display is already a key feature in the iPhone 4. Pro-vided any technical issues could be worked out (the iPad is a big screen, after all), it could make an appearance on Apples next tablet.

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A three-axis gyroscope sensor, such as the one present in the iPhone 4, could boost the iPads standing as an apps and gaming platform.

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4G Connectivity

With carriers all planning 4G networks, an iPad 4G seems inevitable—if not the second generation, then likely the one after that.

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