Apple MacBook Air Design Gives Buyers a Lot to Like

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Apple MacBook Air Design Gives Buyers a Lot to Like

by Don Reisinger

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The MacBook Air

Apples MacBook Air is quite small, making it easy to carry around to and from work.

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The MacBook Air's Slim Design

Its quite amazing how slim the MacBook Air is. In fact, only getting hands on it can do it justice.

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MacBook's Options

Although the 11.6-inch model lacks the SD card slot available on the 13.3-inch model, consumers will be happy to find two USB ports on the MacBook Air.

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MacBook Air Opens Up

On paper, the difference between screen sizes in the two models of the MacBook Air might not seem like much, but the 13.3-inch version is noticeably larger (and more appealing) in person.

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The MacBook Air's Keyboard

The MacBook Air features a nice, standard size keyboard. But those hoping for backlighting wont find it here.

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The Magical Trackpad

The MacBook Air features Apples glass multitouch trackpad, allowing users to employ more than 10 gestures while interacting with the computer.

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What Does That OS Have to Do with It?

Apples MacBook Air runs Snow Leopard. And it works just as well on the companys notebook as it does on the Mac Pro.

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iLife -11

MacBook Air features iLife -11 out of the box. For the most part, iLife -11 is a fine upgrade over its predecessor. But legacy iLife users dont really need to upgrade.

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Here's Looking at You

The MacBook Air boasts Apples iSight camera, making it quite easy to video chat with friends and import content into iLife.

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The Final Verdict

Overall, the MacBook Air is a fine lightweight notebook for those who arent scared away by the price.

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