Apple Product Matchups: 10 Competitors That Pale in Comparison

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Apple Product Matchups: 10 Competitors That Pale in Comparison

by Don Reisinger

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Any HP Laptop

It might sound unfair to group all HP laptops against Apples MacBook line, but an in-depth look at those products reveals HP cant hold up. HPs devices lack the style and flair that Apples MacBook line brings to the table. Plus, they run Windows, which for many customers that are worried about security, is a real problem. HPs computers are typically cheaper than Macs, but beyond that, there isnt much to like in HPs laptops when they are compared to Apples MacBooks.

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Any Dell Laptop

The same can be said for Dell. That company has been struggling for years to find its way in the post-beige or gray laptop world. In fact, its debatable whether Dell has even emerged from that time. Because of that, the companys laptops pale in comparison to Apples offering. And most consumers would likely agree that Apples styling easily bests that of Dells.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung continues to say that its Galaxy Tab tablet is going to best the iPad. But the chances of that seem slim. The product runs Android 2.2, an operating system that Google itself says isnt designed for tablets, and features a tiny, 7-inch display. Considering Apples iPad features better software, a bigger screen and a far more appealing App Store, its hard to see how Samsungs option can keep up.

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RIM's PlayBook

The RIM PlayBook might not be on store shelves yet, but what RIM has revealed so far falls short on many levels. For one, the device, which is supposed to appeal to corporate users, lacks 3G connectivity. In addition, it boasts a new operating system that will take some time to get used to. Meanwhile, Apples iPad has 3G, an operating system that people like using, and enough corporate functionality to make it appeal to enterprise customers. Its simply the better choice.

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The Motorola Droid X

The Motorola Droid X might be one of the most popular Android-based handsets on the market today, but that doesnt mean that its better than the iPhone. Quite the contrary, the device falls short in terms of overall software usability when compared to the iPhone, and the sheer depth of features Apples smartphone offers seems to take the day. The Motorola Droid X is a fine phone, but its not the iPhone.

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RIM's BlackBerry Torch

RIM is trying its hardest to maintain its position in the smartphone market against Apple and Google. But over time, its losing due to its unwillingness to push the envelope with its products. Nowhere is that more evident than in the BlackBerry Torch. The device includes a touch screen but still clings to RIMs idea that physical keyboards are necessary. Plus, its browsing experience leaves much to be desired. Until RIM can address those issues, it will never be able to compete with Apples iPhone.

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Microsoft Zune

Microsofts Zune is one of those products that comes along and make consumers scratch their heads. Sure, the device is well-designed and it boasts some neat functionality. But what makes it more viable than the iPod? Users cant download tracks from iTunes, the Zune Marketplace isnt as appealing as Apples store and the device itself isnt as useful as it could be. Simply put, the Zune is in no way an iPod contender.

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Windows 7

Microsofts Windows 7 platform is perfect for businesses that want to get more from employees. But on the consumer side, the operating system still falls short. It might be one of the better operating systems Microsoft has ever released, but its still rife with security problems that consumers are forced to face each day. Mac OS X doesnt suffer from that issue. As Apple recently announced during its Oct. 20 event showcasing the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, consumers are coming to its operating system in droves. That should say something about the OS.

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Just About Any Netbook

Netbooks were all the rage just a year ago. But now, those lightweight computers are being overtaken in the computing space by Apples iPad and MacBook Air. Its understandable. The iPad is far and away a more mobile product than netbooks. Plus, it arguably offers more functionality. Simply put, Apples mobile offerings easily best just about any netbook on the market.

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Logitech Revue

The Logitech Revue is supposed to be Googles answer to the Apple TV. The set-top box allows consumers to control their DVR, surf the Web and perform other actions on the device. The only issue is its extremely expensive at $300. However, full DVR integration is only available on Dish DVRs. Thats not a good thing. Meanwhile, the Apple TV, while not perfect, delivers some outstanding functionality for just $99. This might change in the future, but for now, Apples offering seems like the better bet.

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